Profile: Dr Darryl Dymock

I’m an adjunct senior researcher and lecturer in professional, vocational and continuing education at Griffith University, Brisbane, Australia, and also a published author.

I’ve had eleven jobs and counting, including HR clerk, taxi driver, high school teacher, soldier, university lecturer and researcher, associate professor, deputy director in a government department, educational consultant, journal editor and writer. I didn’t like school much and had mediocre results there, and it took me a while to find a career direction. I’m fortunate in never having been unemployed for very long over my working life, but I know how tough it can be for those looking for work, at whatever age.

I’m the father of four adult children whose working lives have taken quite different paths, and they’ve occasionally been without jobs for a time.  After working in Papua New Guinea, England and three Australian states,  I now live in Brisbane, Queensland with my wife and my laptop.

After a slow and erratic start to my formal studies, my professional qualifications are PhD, MEd, BEdStud, BA, and I also have a Certificate IV in Training & Assessment. I’m a registered teacher with the Queensland College of Teachers, and I regard myself as a lifelong learner.

My publications include a book aimed at mature-age workers: Extending your use-by date, and in 2016 I co-edited a book with Griffith University colleagues: Supporting learning across working life.  I have a long-standing interest in adult learning and adult development and in vocational education and training.

In my experience, you get to where you want to be through motivation, persistence, being realistic and having the right support. I like helping people with all of those.

Darryl Dymock