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Confident4Work Project

mother-childAccording to a recent survey*, two-thirds of women returning to work after a break away from it (mostly to look after children) felt their current qualifications and skills were out of date.

The aim of this research-based non-commercial project is to help women and men seeking to return to the workforce after a time away from it to identify:

  • the sorts of knowledge and skills they need to be competitive in the contemporary jobs market, and
  • the sorts of information and support they need to successfully complete any education and training necessary to be competitive in the jobs market. 

In the Confident4Work project, you’ll hear from:

  • Mothers and others who’ve taken time out for various reasons – about their expectations and timing of their return to work, and whether they think they’ll need to upgrade their skills and knowledge.
  • People who’ve gone back to work after being out of the workforce for at least 12 months – about their experiences in getting back into the workforce and what advice they might have for others seeking to do the same.
  • Study skills advisers in vocational education and universities – about choosingtraining-course-trainer courses, getting the right support and staying focussed
  • Managers/employers/HR experts – about the changes they’ve seen in their industry that anyone returning to work has to be up to speed with; and about the sorts of new knowledge and skills needed to be competitive for a job.

On this site you’ll learn:

  • How the contemporary workplace is changing
  • Where the best opportunities are in the Australian jobs market
  • What skills and knowledge are most marketable
  • What to look for (and look out for) when choosing an education or training course or provider to upskill yourself
  • How to access the support needed for successful completion of education and training
  • What advice others who’ve gone back to work after a break have for those with similar plans
  • How to deal with the realities of life that you also need to consider on your way to re-employment.

Moving forward

moving-forward-arrowEquipped with this knowledge, you’ll be able to map your own individual learning and training pathway back to work with more confidence and plan your life forward.

There are no guarantees of course, and not everyone will get the job or the exact working conditions they want.

But at least you’ll know what to expect and what preparation you need to maximise your chances of getting back into the workforce.

Sign up

To keep in touch with the Confident4Work project, simply sign up for updates by clicking on the ‘Follow’ button on this website.

If you want to contribute to the research, just send me a message through the ‘Leave Comments’ button. Your message & details will remain private.

In my experience, you get to where you want to be through motivation, persistence, beingstudent_success realistic about your goals and abilities, and having the right support.

And we can support each other. That’s what the Confident4Work blog is about.

Stay in touch.

Darryl Dymock

Director, Confident4Work Project

*Get Qualified Australia survey, reported in Antill Magazine, 7 July, 2016


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